On behalf of Sandler Training, our thoughts are with our clients and their families and businesses impacted by COVID-19. We are committed to working with you to help you and your business through these extraordinary times. Sandler is open but operating remotely in accordance with recommendations by the CDC to do our part to hopefully help ‘flatten the curve’ of the spread of the virus. We’re here for you and our community. Please don’t hesitate to call or email us to talk through your concerns. Best wishes for the health and safety of your families, teams, and clients.
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Shulman & Associates | 732-767-5351 | Edison, NJ

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Tired of Sales going up and down?

Do you want predictable, consistent results—every quarter, every month, every day?

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How can we help you?

Our selling methodology enables salespeople to engage prospects and exchange information with them in an honest, organized, and non-manipulative manner that serves the best interests of both parties.

We Are Looking For Rock Star Sales Associates!

Sandler Training in Edison, New Jersey is seeking a Sales Associate to take the next steps in a successful sales career. Explore this career-changing Sales Associate position which you will increase your income, expertise and influence in the world of sales/sales management consulting, sales training, sales management training, and customer service training.


Business Tactics for Frontline Employees

Your customer service and inside sales team often are the first point of contact with your customers. How confident are you in their abilities to recognize and grow a prospective business opportunity?

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