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Meet Kevin Shulman

Your local Sandler trainer in Edison, NJ

Nationally acclaimed speaker, Kevin Shulman has been training Presidents, and Business owners, and Sales Teams for more than 20 years.


President of Shulman & Associates/ Sandler Training

Since 1991, Kevin has been an affiliate of Sandler Training and has been training business owners, sales managers, and sales people full time to help them grow their business and reach their full potential.  He has been seen training in venues as diverse as Las Vegas and Madison Square Garden. Yet Kevin still gives his ongoing clients the individual coaching they need. He is also frequently asked to help develop the skills of other trainers around the country. 

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Three Biggest Sales Mistakes you should never make

For some salespeople, the initial prospect meeting is vague and doesn’t convey a
value to a prospect. This carries through to a presentation and they fail to establish
clear connecting links between the elements of their proposed offer and the specific
aspects of the prospect’s requirements. The easier you make it for prospects to establish
that connection, the more likely you are to make the sale.

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