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As we coach and train each year hundreds of salespeople, we often hear at this time of the year, people aren't buying in December. We hear things like: All of our customers are gone this time of year. Seems like decision makers are gone for the holidays. It's harder to get things done.

These are dangerously bad beliefs that salespeople have at the end of the year. While it might be true that there are less people in the office the last two weeks of the year, and it might be true that it takes more to get things done, a lot of decisions are made in the last two weeks of the year. We've had client after client say to us that they won business in the last two weeks of the year, because companies wanted to spend and invest in the current fiscal year, and not for tax reasons. At one time, years ago, we would run trade shows. We noticed that at the end of our biggest trade show each year, there was always one person in the last 30 minutes on the last day, while everyone else is packing up, that came running to the trade show. Most of the other vendors would ignore this person, but this person was a buyer. They wanted to make a decision. Every year, we would be on the lookout for that person, and lo and behold, they would arrive. The same can happen to you at the end of the calendar year in the last two weeks.

The problem is this: If someone holds a belief, they will look for evidence that their belief is true. They will look for judgment; they will look for proof that they are right.

Step 2: Evidence Judgment. Once they find evidence and judgment to support their belief.

Step 3: They will then act in accordance with their beliefs. If they believe that at end of the year there's no business, they will not look for business, they will not be available when customers or prospects call, they will not be ready to receive the business because year after year, they've told themselves there is no business in December. The fourth step of this process is they will get results in accordance with their actions and ultimately their beliefs. If someone says, there's no business to be had in December, they in fact will find that there's no business to be had in December. Change your beliefs, change your results. Keep your foot on the gas and keep working through the end of the year.

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