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"I believe most of our experience with customer service reps is mediocre. And we can easily recall our best and worst customer service representative experiences. "

Cal Thomas, President, Sandler Training

An experience with common customer service woes

"On a recent trip to Baltimore, I was attempting to check in to a hotel that was having some difficulty with their computer system.

The two young ladies doing the checking-in, feeling some pressure from the half-dozen impatient travelers were very vocally blaming the (dumb) computer system, the hotel management and even arguing with the customers about potential solutions to the dilemma.

Eventually the problem was resolved by a very resourceful doorman, but not before at least three guests booked rooms at competing hotel a few blocks away.

Me, being me, I found the hotel manager the next morning and (nicely) relayed the story from the prior evening.

He shrugged.

But when I asked him what he thought the compounded loss of annual revenue might be ... the light bulb came on. He bought my breakfast."

- Cal Thomas

Why is Customer Service such a critical element for business growth?

  • 80% of 2,049 US adults surveyed decided never to go back to a business/organization after a bad customer service experience
  • 78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience.
  • 60% indicated that the main reason for recommending a company was "outstanding service".
  • A typical business hears from 4% of its dissatisfied customers.

Share your Experience

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