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Our Three Sales Training Core Philosophies

At Shulman & Associates we have three simple training philosophies that together add up to the one thing our clients want – results!



First you cannot train sales people and their managers how to be more effective in a one day seminar. It takes time with ongoing reinforcement, through both live coaching and structured self study materials, as well as committed trainers who take a personal interest in helping their clients grow, both professionally and personally.

Reinforcement Training combines the Selling System and a systematic approach to sales management which is delivered to the client over a period of time. Each training session is reinforced, and each and every client has an on-call coach. The management team meets with Shulman & Associates prior to or after each training session to debrief progress and provide feedback to make sure the strategies and concepts are being implemented in the field. Our process combines training, coaching, establishing correct behaviors for salespeople and sales managers, tracking and accountability which leads to a successful outcome, RESULTS.

The Success Triangle

Our second training philosophy is that for training to be effective, we must use a three pronged approach. We often refer to this as the “success triangle”. The three corners of the triangle are Behavior, Attitude, and Technique.

Attitude: Attitude is at the top of the triangle because it drives performance. People will only perform in a manner that is consistent with how they see themselves conceptually.
Therefore, increasing self esteem and confidence and reducing “head trash” or negative belief systems will drive increased behavior.

Behavior: Without proper consistent behavior nothing happens. Prospects do not knock on your door ready to buy, send you a purchase order unsolicited, nor do they supply you with lists of qualified referrals. We train people to recognize appropriate behaviors and implement the strategies necessary to get to prospective buyers eager to purchase your products or services. Behaviors must be tracked and monitored.

Technique: The training teaches new techniques to make you more effective when you are in front of prospects and clients. Gatekeepers recognize most scripts that salespeople use. Prospects have grown weary of tired old closes that salespeople have been using for the last 50 years. We deliver 21st Century techniques that make the sale “invisible,” that is, they never see it.


Our third training philosophy is Customization. Training needs to be customized not just to your industry and your company, but also to each individual. We all come with different strengths and weaknesses and therefore need different training, coaching, and support.

Every client first must complete a thorough sales evaluation to determine not just their strengths and weaknesses but the reasons for them. Training is never “off the shelf”, but rather designed for each participant. Thus, our programs will provide effective group training while allowing our clients the flexibility to have Shulman & Associates focus special attention on individual needs to enhance and fine tune specific skills of individual participants.