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Sandler Training NJ by Shulman & Associates

Sales Messaging and Delivery that Optimize Sales Performance

New York, April 27, 2020--Forbes* #1 Sales Training Company Sandler Training® has partnered with the world-renowned leader in sales presentations, Sales Graphics.

Since 1967 Sandler Training has been known for it’s scientific, methodical and results-proven sales system. The critically acclaimed Sandler Selling System® teaches communicative strategies alongside a repeatable sales process to over 35,000 people per year. Partnering with the elite sales presentation company Sales Graphics creates the ultimate sales system.

For the last 50 years, Sales Graphics has delivered high-performing sales tools and effective sales presentations that consistently help close more business. The company builds sales presentations with engaging sales messaging, expressed through cutting-edge creative design, and supported by technology to track buyer engagement.

The partnership provides sales professionals a seamless and powerful selling framework, effective skills and vital sales tools for delivering sales messaging, enabling sales teams with best-in-class tools for closing more deals.

“Teaming up with a company like Sales Graphics gives our clients the necessary tools to make the very most out of their sales training,” says CEO of Sandler Training of NJ, Kevin Shulman. Jordan Albright, Partner at Sandler Training NJ says, “Working with a company like Sales Graphics is a dangerous combination because it provides what’s needed to be an elite performer consistently.”

“You need to think differently about your selling story and sales tools, getting them working together to increase sales performance. Well-trained sales pros need the best tools for selling, and for most, that means game-changing strategic messaging and presentation delivery,” says George Chevalier, President of Sales Graphics. “This partnership is a force multiplier for the sales world, empowering sales teams with what they need to close deals.”, says Larry Aaron, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer of Sales Graphics.

The Sandler Training and Sales Graphics partnership gives sales organizations a seamless way to deliver consistent high performance at an elite level.

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How well does your presentation maximize sales performance?