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Sandler reinforces training with our CRM systems and additional tools

Leverage technology tools that continue the momentum after training.

Gain the benefits of...

  • Faster ROI on your training investment

    Through immediate adoption of the methodology and seamless integration into daily business.

  • Exchange of selling best practices

    By integrating the Ideal Sales Process and Coaching Questions into opportunity analysis, strategy and action planning. 

  • Relevant messages to customers

    From sales team members by sharing information about customer needs and value propositions. 

  • Improved forecast reliability

    And coaching effectiveness by allowing you to rapidly identify critical issues in the sales process. 

  • Strategic benchmarks

    To help you gauge the progress of opportunities, and ensure that key information and commitments are obtained.

  • Accountability

    Providing your management team with information about who is using and benefiting from the training, and who may need additional reinforcement in specific areas.

  • Data security

    Through centralized storage of important opportunity information.

  • Internal acceptance and adoption

    Integrated programs have a higher rate of successful adoption, are more effectively implemented and are more easily monitored.