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Sales Messaging and Delivery that Optimize Sales Performance

When it all comes down to it, you have one chance to make a good first impression. All your customer research, CRM systems, lead generation, and training culminate at the moment of your presentation. Make it all pay off with a selling story that really works.

Go beyond PowerPoint to tell a compelling story that is based on a strategic selling framework and connects with the Sandler Training method. Engage your audience with a strategy, story and a design that combines visual, verbal and multimedia content to memorably communicate your brand, marketing and product and/or service’s value proposition.

Introducing Our Presentation Partner: Sales Graphics

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Sandler Training has teamed with the sales performance presentation agency Sales Graphics to give you the tools you need to close more deals. Sales Graphics has a 50-year track record of empowering sales leaders. They take a consultative approach that starts with the right strategy, expressed with effective copywriting and design, and supported by innovative technology. Sales Graphics can help your sales team align your selling strategy with you Sandler Training outcomes.

Presentations that Perform

We are talking about much more than a PowerPoint deck. A successful presentation has four key elements:

  • Strategy: Built to support the Sandler Selling System and focused on addressing a buyer’s pain points, wants and needs.

  • Creative: Verbal and visual design that tells your story and conveys your brand, marketing strategy and selling story.

  • Technology: Track engagement through downloads, most viewed content, shares, and more.

  • Training: With Sandler Training, you’ll make the most of world-class selling tools The sum of these elements is greater than the sum of the parts.

Enhance your investment in sales training by equipping your team with a presentation that truly performs. Don’t let a lackluster presentation lose the business. Close the deal with tools that help your sales team perform at an elite level.

Overcoming Hurdles to Effective Sales Presentations

Sales pros today are facing both long-standing and new challenges:

  • Buyer distraction is only growing. With laptops, tablets, and cell phones, yours is not the only screen in the room. You need more than a boring PowerPoint to pry their eyes away from their devices.
  • Buyers want to hear about how you can help them solve problems and have little patience for long-winded intros that are all about your company and your product.
  • Selling has become more complex. From an average of one or two decision makers, now there can be a half dozen or more. CRM systems can help, but you need to feed them with content customized to each person. An IT decision-maker wants technical specs, while a financial executive wants to see the numbers. Our solutions give you insight into actual engagement with your content
  • Salespeople are spending on average 31% of their time searching for the right content or creating content when they can’t find what they need. Not only does wasted time lower productivity, when they end up creating their own materials, poor writing and design can hurt your brand and marketing strategy, potentially killing a deal
  • The customer is in the driver’s seat and they have options. New orders are harder to earn. Just emailing, calling, taking orders and sending content does not support how buyer’s buy anymore.
  • If your sales presentation is just a PowerPoint, you cannot deliver tell your story the way your buyer wants it—and that increasingly means on any device and platform with more rich media (video, animation, panoramic photography / video) that is easy to share.
  • Managing pitches and measuring their results is a best practice that elevates winning sales teams. You need version control, a content library, a way to organize content and share it out to the team. Google Drive, Drop Box and SharePoint can’t get the job done and often lead to bad version control, large files being sent out, and chaos finding what you need in a format you need it in. And metrics are a key part of continuous improvements—things like tracking prospect interactions and sharing.
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How well does your presentation maximize sales performance?