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Building a High-Performance Sales Process for 2022

Sales Strategies that Are Working Right Now!

Be Our Guest for a Complimentary Online Briefing - For Company Owners, CEOs and Presidents

This training has helped companies large and small in a variety of industries. You will gain breakthrough insights into more effective selling, sales management, and customer service.



Wednesday, January 26, 2022 | 11:30 AM-1:00 PM


Seating is limited and this session will NOT be recorded. 

In our interactive training sessions, clients learn how to:

  • Attract better clients and more profitable jobs
  • Stop wasting money on marketing and advertising that doesn't work
  • Avoid the reasons why everyone hates salespeople
  • Talk confidently about your business without turning people off
  • Get more referrals and introductions to new clients

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Do any of these problems concern you?

  • Are your salespeople dropping price just to close business?
  • Did your salespeople make quota last month and will they make quota next month?
  • Does your sales team know how to sell in this economic environment?
  • When your salespeople report a full pipeline, do you know how much is real and what isn’t?

I recently started in the sales world and heard about Sandler training from a close family friend. I enrolled myself into a six month program attending the foundations and mastery classes each Tuesday. Kevin delivers a clear and structured way of putting in place the Sandler philosophies which enables myself to recognize the buyers' process. I began thinking about how I am spending my time and who can benefit from my services in order to benefit their business. I would highly recommend Kevin to anyone starting in sales or looking to expand their knowledge/business.

Brett Perrotta